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It is on rue Majour, at number 18 to be more precise, that we decide to go to, right in the middle of the city of Brive la Gaillarde. The street is almost pedestrianized and offers a real tranquility. This place is truly atypical by its decoration and its layout: wood reigns supreme on board. In this place, we can hear Folk, Blues and cool music: we can occasionally hear Dylan, Neil Young, Radiohead and even Pink Floyd.

 The captain AndréDed for the regulars, tells us: « You can’t play music without paying attention to the customers: you have to take into account their age and what they are supposed to enjoy. “

the customers are not there to be attacked or knocked out by music too aggressive or too loud! 

As a cultural place, the bar welcomes musicians and groups largely around Folk, Blues and Rock, mainly on Fridays from 9 p.m.

From a personal perspective, Ded wasn’t always in restoration business. He started out as a tennis educator in his native region of Auvergne for almost ten years. Besides, he notes, running a bar is not so far removed from the activity of supervising people:

To work and run a bar, you have to love people. We like people to feel good and to be as comfortable as possible.  

Then he adds, surprising himself: “Besides, maybe that’s why there is a large female clientele at Majour. A group of girls can come, two or four, without being in any way bothered by the atmosphere or certain elements … if you know what I mean. There are other places for that!

Then there may be other explanations: I think my physique has a lot to do with it. Finally, to be completely honest: let’s say they come first for my physique and then after for my psychic! “

Le Majour, as we can see, appears above all as a simple, warm place where the tone is deliberately light and without fuss.

Go out Brive recommends… while recommending a beer on one of the most played songs of these places: “She still loves you” by Chuck Berry