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If we are interested today in the Watson, besides being a concert space and therefore a culture space, it is because this bar has a real particularity in its accessibility. Indeed, this Irish pub, located 22 impasse des échevins, is accessible by 4 different streets, and this, in the heart of the city center of Brive! Recently, the Watson has been talked about through the creation of a unique beer, in autumn 2019, simply called Watt’s.  A real craft beer .

This beer created by the boss Mathias and Boris of the Brasserie Corrézienne is light in alcohol, very fragrant while presenting a little bitterness. 

Mathias, 40, took over this business in 2015.

“This bar is a bit of a child’s dream! I went there when I was a teenager. At the time, the clientele was quite old: there were few young people. » 

Born in Aveyron, Mathias arrived in Brive at the age of 12. He studied in Toulouse to become a teacher in Maths and techno. After some time spent in the suburbs of Paris, a position opened for him in a college near Brive.

Understanding that all the reforms and measures put in place do not ultimately serve the success of pupils:  it may be time to leave! You are not fighting a system. 

I want a real diversity within our clientele: young, not so young and ranging from the most socially modest classes to the upper ones.

After much thought and project development, the Watson’s evidence came to him. And, it is in August 2015 that Mathias, who was not in the business, takes the controls of this Irish pub. One thing was in his mind: to get a clientele at his image. It should be noted that this project of buying the bar would never have been possible without the unconditional and infallible support of his family, and in particular his wife. 

Regarding the profile of consumers, Mathias points out that: « I want a real diversity within our clientele: young, not so young and ranging from the most socially modest classes to the upper ones. »

We even find, often, families with their strollers, on Saturdays during the day, on the terrace.  Because, it is true, and surprisingly for the heart of Brive, the place appears very quiet and without any car. We can only appreciate it. 

The place, well known to regulars for its retransmission of the greatest sports agendas, even on Sundays, is also very appreciated for its group concerts on Thursdays or Saturdays. The musical agenda is in full swing, of course, between mid-June and mid-September and offers very varied genres: pop, rock, blues or funk. 

This Irish pub, where it is served in the French way, keeps the fierce reputation of offering the best Guinness in Brive-la-Gaillarde. 

Go out Brive validates this!

… however for the explanations, you will have to address Mathias who will be happy to tell you everything.